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L'Arc Claims
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A claiming community where you can claim almost anything that has to do with the J-Rock band: L'Arc~en~Ciel. You can claim anything from songs [solo and group], the members themselves, albums & singles [solo and group], group pairings [no gacktxhyde just within the group], PV's, and I'm sure you get the idea.


- You must be a member of the community in order to make a claim and remain a member to keep your claims. Once you leave the community, your claims are up for grabs.

- Make your claims as an entry in the community. Not through comments, not asking the mod, an entry in the community.

- Check the claims list to see that your claims haven't been claimed.

- The first 10 people get three claims. After that, it's two claims per person.

- Once you get your claims, link them back in your user info with a link to the comm.

- You can give up your claim[s] and exchange it/them for a different claim[s], but you can only do this once, as I don't want confusion to be running about.

- No flaming of others, no starting up arguments etc.

- Don't whine and what not if a claim of yours is taken. There's lots of L'Arc to claim.

Claims List updated on Feb. 14th 2004

Your Mod, drops_of_colour - Kiana